Hospital Unit

The Institute also has a full-fledged hospital having 100 beds and outdoor facilities for patients. All Outdoor patients receive Ayurvedic treatment including diagnosis, diagnostic investigations and medicines by Govt. Ayurvedic Physicians daily after procuring the OPD ticket (for Rs 2 only). Several hundred patients get outdoor and indoor treatment every day for diseases such as Diabetes, Joint pain, Arthritis, Cough, Fever, cold, skin diseases, jaundice, hyperacidity, indigestion, abdominal pain, muscular pain, gynecological problems, etc. Modern diagnostic facilities such as blood & urine testing, X-Ray, Eye testing, Dental Care, E.C.G., Ultrasonography, Yoga and Dental Clinic etc. are also available for everyone. The hospital also provides Pancha Karma therapy as well as treatment of Ano-rectal diseases like piles & fistula in its clinic. Besides this Institute also prepare more than 30 types of Ayurvedic medicines in-house well maintained quality control pharmacy out of total 75 types of medicines, remaining are GMP certified marketed forms of Ayurvedic medicines. All these facilities are provided by the Government of West Bengal in this government hospital.The OPD ticket time is 9.00 am to 2.00 pm from Monday to Friday and up to 12 noon on Saturdays and physicians attend the patients up to the completion. This Institute is also having all types of Research facilities for the PGT and Ph.D. Scholars in the museum ,Pharmacognostic, Chemical, Instrumental laboratories, Microbiological room and CPCSEA registered Animal House for experimental analysis on animals, clinical pathology etc. The library of this Institute is also having more than 10,000 books of all subjects of Ayurveda, Modern medical, Manuscripts and also journals.