Facilities Of Institution :

Administrative Unit - Ground Floor

Dr. Mradu Gupta – Principal in Charge, Head of the Institute

Dr.A.K.Mandal - Superintendent of this institute.

Smt. Shampa Biswas- Head Clerk.

Sri Chandan Kumar Pusti- Accountant

Dr. Kalyan Hazra - Facility Manager in charge

Smt. Sanjukta Bose- Store Keeper (Medicine)

Sri Pranab Banerjee- Jr. Clerk-Cum-Typist

Sahista Parveen – L.D.A

Sri Vijay Kumar Mishra - Junior Clerk Cum Typist

Other Suporting Staff (4)

Library Unit- 1st floor

Dr. Kallal Ranjan Sarkar- Librarian &Museum curator

Librarian attendants -2

This unit contains more than 10,000 books having all ancient Ayurvedic texts of various disciplines of Ayurveda, manuscripts, modern books of each subject and copies of journals.

Academic Units

Ninteen postgraduate students are admitted in the following disciplines since 2017 apart from Ph. D. scholars registered under the West Bengal University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Supriya Bhattacharya, M.D.(Ayu ) - Professor

Dr. Asish Das, M.D.(Ayu) – Reader

Dr. Rajarshi Chowdhury, M.D.(Ayu) - Lecturer

Dr. Mradu Gupta, M.D.(Ayu.), Ph.D - Professor

Dr. Amit Kumar Taraphdar, M.D.(Ayu.) - Reader

Dr.Phani Kanta Nandi MD(Ayu) - Lecturer

Dr. Abichal Chattopadhyay, M.D.(Ayu.), Ph.D - Professor

Dr. Partha Biswas, M.D.(Ayu.), Ph.D- Reader

Dr. Debjani Roy Chakraborty, M.D.(Ayu.)- Lecturer

Dr. Apala Sengupta, M.D.(Ayu.), Ph.D- Professor

Dr. Rina Ghosh, M.D.(Ayu.), Ph. D- Reader

Dr. Partho Halder, M.D.(Ayu) - Lecturer

Other Academic Facilities

Museum of Roga Nidan& Vikriti Vigyan

Museum of Dravyaguna Vigyan

Dravyaguna Laboratory for chemical analysis

Dravyaguna Instrument Rooms for quality control and standardization of the drugs by using sophisticated instruments like HPTLC, HPLC & spectroscopy etc.

Animal House- registered by CPCSEA for doing pharmacological evaluation of the drug on animalsby using instruments situated in the ground floor.

Herbal Garden- having more than 60 plants collections in the small garden situated in the ground floor infront of the gate. Extension Part of Herbal garden at Eco - Tourism Park having 250 types of species of medicinal plants.

Dravyaguna Microbiology Room for microbiological study of plants

Dravyaguna Experimental Pharmacology Room for animal experiments

Dravyaguna Experimental Pharmacology Room for animal experiments

Class Rooms

Common class room for 1st yr - 1st floor

Kayachikitsa & Panchakarma for 2nd& 3rd yr – 1st floor

Ayurved Samhita &Siddhant, Rog vigyan and Dravyaguna
for 2nd& 3rd yr –3rd floor

Other Facilities

Recreation Room- 1st floor

Modern Gym- 1st Floor

Students Common Room Male-1st floor

Students Common Room Female -1st floor

Guest rooms for examiners-3rd floor

House physician room (Male)-1st floor

House physician room (Female)- 2nd floor

Conference room- 3rd Floor

Seminar room- Ground floor

College Canteen –Ground Floor

Conference room- 3rd Floor